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New Campus Portal link for Parents & Students:

Due to recent changes Campus Mobile Portal app users need to see below to regain access.

1.  Uninstall the app

2.  Power down your device

3.  Reinstall the app

4.  Enter the District ID.   The existing District ID of GJFSFL should work but users can click on the “Help” option in the top right corner of their app, then click Get ID and follow the prompts to receive an new one. This step may be necessary for some users due to the site changes.   

5.  Log on using your Campus username and password.

Campus Portal link will be updated on the district website but is listed below for your convenience.  You can retype this into your browser for access.   Be sure to remove any prior bookmarks and update with new site address.

Campus Portal for Parents & Students:

Should you have additional issues please contact us via email at and provide the following information. This information is necessary to provide accurate and timely assistance.  

1.  Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Name of your student(s)
4. School(s) your child attends
5. Phone number where you can be reached in case of questions
6. Description of your issue, i.e. need account reset, password reminder.
7. Issue with regular Portal or Campus mobile app?

1. Full Name
2. Name of school you attend
3. Date of Birth
4. Description of your issue, i.e. need account reset, password reminder etc.
5. Issue with mobile app or regular Portal?


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